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Strom života is a non-governmental, non – profit organisation that has been active in the field of environmental education and cultural heritage preservation in Slovakia for nearly 35 years. The main target group of the organisation are children in kindergartens, elementary school children and youth in general.

The organisation provides services for these groups by creating a variety of programs focused on environmental education at all levels, including preservation events, publishing activities, environmental competitions and many others. Currently they have worked with 150 kindergartens or schools nationwide, targeting over 7000 schoolchildren.

Environmental outdoor education as such is a compulsory cross-subject topic in the schools in Slovakia, but currently there is no sophisticated teaching and methodical material available on the school market. With their focus on integration of environmental studies into education, experience of developing materials for teachers, organising teachers´ training and publishing a magazine of environmental issues and nature for pre-school aged children, their current internal network of 185 kindergartens and primary schools, contributes to quality management of the project and dissemination activities in Slovakia. For this project Stromzivota have contributed to the handbook and coordinated the design and digital resources.

Prešovská univerzita is a public higher education institution. Currently, it is the only one in Slovakia that exclusively specialises in the training of teachers in pre-primary, primary and special education. Their priorities include the importance of teacher training and modernisation of methodology and didactic approaches particularly in terms of the current state of education in Slovakia.

The Faculty of Education, University of Presov prepares pedagogical staff (undergraduates) for their work in pre-school institutions, school clubs, after-school centres; specialists in the field of compensatory pre-primary and primary education of socially and culturally disadvantaged children; educators in special education institutions, health care and social care institutions, young offender institutions and pedagogical staff working with individuals with mental disabilities. Graduate jobs include primary teacher positions (first four grades in primary school); primary education methodologists; managing and organisational staff in pre-school institutions; methodologists and research staff in pre-school institutions; special needs kindergartens; special needs primary school teachers; primary school teachers at diagnostic and re-education centres; curative education sanatoriums or other institutions providing care for psychosocially disadvantaged children and youth.

The Department of pre-school education, PRESOV UNIVERSITY, SK, with their expertise of research and training for managing and organisational staff, methodologists and research staff in pre-school institutions, as well as academic expertise in the ECEC sector, fosters the integration on new outdoor education approach in the official teaching methodologies, helping to enhance the contact with decision makers in Slovakia and support official recognition of an outdoor education approach in Slovak legislation beyond the project. For this project their role has been to evaluate the teaching standards of outdoor professionals and support background references for the handbook.

INAK is an NGO, that tries to do things DIFFERENTLY/“INaK“, if possible, „Innovatively and Creatively“. „INaK“ was established in 2014, as the team of people experienced in the field of using innovative approaches, activating methods and ICTs in education, with the experience of development of didactic materials, experience with project management, running of educational training, as well as the other activities from the field of innovative education.
Through our activities, we aim to support the development of human resources. We focus on the use of innovative approaches, using creative methods in the educational process and whilst working with a variety of target groups – children, youth and adults. Our projects enhance lifelong learning and help to develop learners´ key competences. We try to implement our ideas and bring them into practice through local, national and international projects, usually in strong partnership with a variety of institutions.

INAK, SK initiated this partnership based on the results of a needs analysis carried out in February 2016 with 326 kindergarten teachers in Slovakia. 286 (88%) expressed their interest in the project focused on outdoor education, as well as and based on positive previous experience with similar educational projects. For this project INAK have coordinated the partnership and project management and created the online training modules.

Estonia, is a private kindergarten, established in the fall of 2009. Our kindergarden has 198 children who are between 2-7 years old. There are 9 groups. Our priority is to meet the basic education curriculum requirements in Estonia, and realize it playfully, and by using alternative pedagogical methods. We have prioritized learning through and the value of Estonian traditions of nature education, raising awareness of our traditional culture, through movement and activities with an additional emphasis on health -promotional work. We achieve this by providing an environment of respect and trust with high expectations to support the full development of the individual and allow recognition of talents beyond the academic; an environment where pupils can demonstrate a love of learning, a love of life – a place for them to thrive and shine.

Our staff are well-prepared and enthusiastic about their work. They use the elements of many differents methods, eg: The Method Project, Step-by step, The Dalton Plan, The Good Start Method, Sherborne, etc. we also have expertise in art, work with social skills, ICT, folklore, outdoor learning For this project their role has been to support the content of the handbook and the dissemination of the project in the Baltic states.

Learning through Landscapes is the UK charity dedicated to enhancing outdoor learning and play for children. Our vision is that every child benefits from stimulating outdoor learning and play in their education. We aim to enable children to connect with nature, be more active, be more engaged with their learning, develop their social skills and have fun!We do this through three avenues:
• advocating the benefits of outdoor learning and play at school and pre school.
• inspiring and enabling the design and development of outdoor environments to support children’s development.
• inspiring and enabling early years professionals and early years practitioners to develop the confidence, ideas and skills they need to make better use of outdoor spaces.

We are the leading UK charity specialising in outdoor learning and play in education. Our unrivalled knowledge and expertise is based on more than twenty five years experience of practical action and research. For this project Learning through Landscapes has coordinated handbook development and organised training with the Danish partner. To find out more visit .

STOCKSHOLMSGAVE CENTRUM is an outdoor kindergarten located near Copenhagen, with focus on outdoor and nature education, while sharing their knowledge with institutions from Denmark and abroad. The kindergarten has a great experience in forest and outdoor education, both in theory and practice, as well as with integration of this approach into official national curricula.Each day children from the kindergarten drive from the collection place at the city centre to the countryside. Once in the countryside there is a house with group rooms, a kitchen, toilets, an office and a big garden/playground. The kindergarten has 70 children aged from 3-6 years and 10 teachers. The children are divided into 3 mixed age groups with 23 children and 3 teachers/pedagogues in each group. The kindergarten is open from 7am to 17.30 pm from Monday to Friday – all year round. The kindergarten is public and works according to Danish law and regulation. The kindergarten has a focus/profile on outdoor and nature education and does most of its activities outdoors. They provide a high quality teaching environment with teachers who have a degree in children’s development, knowledge and experience in forest and outdoor education. The kindergarten often shares experience and practice with institutions from Denmark and other countries. The kindergarten has a strong belief that the outdoor environment is the best for children’s learning processes and development.

For this project the Kindergarten have contributed to the handbook and training.

The university was established in 1991 and has been a modern, scientific, pedagogical and cultural educational centre of the Ústí nad Labem region. UJEP educates about 8 thousand students and employs circa 950 employees. It offers a wide range of bachelor, master and doctoral study fields in different areas of human activities. Offers of study options at UJEP include the studies of technical, nature, environmental, economic, social, health, pedagogical and art branches.

The Department of preschool and primary education has a long-term experience with science and environmental education of preschool children. The Department maintains cooperation with nursery schools and non-governmental organizations active in environmental and outdoor education in the region.

The association’s purpose is to support and promote nature and outdoor pedagogy in Denmark. As well as support nature and immigrant kindergartens, in Denmark, as well as abroad.

The purpose of the association is also to create an understanding of the importance that children have in demand for good outdoor learning environments. Enviroments that support the child’s development, well-being, training and education.

The association’s purpose is further to create knowledge, meaning and knowledge about nature and outdoor pedagogy. The purpose of the association is that all children obtain the right to a active nature and outdoor life. Through national and international networks and partners to create knowledge of nature and outdoor pedagogy and educational practice.


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