1. Register through online form that you can find HERE
  2. Tell your collegues about the TAKE ME OUT WEEK. They might be happy to join in too! Together you can bring outside your class only or a whole school! How many children do you want to bring this joyful experience to?
  3. In order to enable really positive and enjoyable experience to you all – children as well as the adults, do some planning beforehand!
  4. To do some planning, see our sample program for a day spent outside, or even the sample week plan!
  5. Or find some inspiration in our ACTIVITY section
  6. Tell the parents or other family members of children about TAKE ME OUT WEEK and if possible, involve them in an activity, too! At least for one afternoon! Or in program preparations!
  7. If you want to, hang out posters in your school or present information in your local media.
    Poster you can download HERE

    But, the most important, take the children outside each day of the concrete week, for longer time than you usually do, ideally for the whole day, each day! And try to enjoy it as much as possible, together with them!
  8. After the week, fill in short feedback form and let us know about your experience! We will gladly hear about it!