May 20 – 24, 2024

November 04 – 08, 2024 

…If you would think of your childhood, what would be the first memories that come to your mind…? How many of these are related to the outdoors? How much time did you spend outside as a child?

Do you remember the feeling of running outside, getting muddy, maybe with your cheeks red from the frost or wind, after returning home? How did you feel about it? What was it like?

The portal conducted a survey involving 12,000 parents in 10 countries. They found that nowadays children spent less time outside than the prisoners, who are allowed 2 hours outside a day. However, half of the world’s children stay outside for less than an hour a day. And this is really not enough for their healthy development.

Therefore, we want to change this, with your help! Inspired by the Outdoor classroom day, , we heartly invite you to join our TAKE ME OUT WEEK campaign, that connects all the like – minded teachers who are aware of the benefits that outdoors and being outside brings to children and together enable the joy of the outdoor experience and these benefits to as many children as possible, at the same time!

We would be happy if you join us for at least a full week outside during our TAKE ME OUT WEEK! And it this way, we „meet“ outside, to celebrate the outdoors, together with children, at least twice a year!

What you need to do to join in?

Please find out HERE